BRAFA 2017 – the Art Fair to look forward to!

La gioielleria all?inizio XX secolo, con l’art noveau, ha proposto esemplari veramente splendidi.

About Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau 'Chaine de Corsage' by Fouquet and Mucha ‘Chaine de Corsage’ by Fouquet and Mucha

Over the years, BRAFA has established itself as one of Europe’s unmissable cultural events in January. For its next edition, which will take place between 21 and 29 January 2017, it will bring together 132 galleries and art dealers from 16 countries. Archaeology, jewellery, paintings, sculptures, furniture, books, design, ceramics, porcelain, clocks, objets d’art, glassware, antique frames, original cartoon plates and other contemporary creations will retrace more than four millennia of art history from across the continents.

When I’m traveling I love to visit antique shops. The ones with antique jewellery in particular! And it’s not because I want to possess all that shimmers, it’s rather because those shops serve as a time warp to that exhilarating time and place we call La Belle Epoque! Oh, how I love to fantasize about life in Paris, back in 1900…

Exterior of Georges Fouquets Jewellery Shop designed by Alphonse Mucha Exterior of Fouquets Jewellery Shop designed by Alphonse…

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Autore: Pietro Barnabe'

Restauratore artigiano di: opere d'arte, arredi lignei fissi e mobili, materiale lapideo anche decorato e dipinto, materiale etnografico.

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